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Multifunctional square sky screen

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Tent structure: single layer tent

Strut material: fiberglass strut

Specification: 300 * 300 cm

Weight: 720 (g)

Setup: setup is required

Space structure: one bedroom

Style features: picnic, waterproof, super light, light, super light, anti - wind

External account waterproof coefficient: 2000mm(inclusive)-3000mm(inclusive)

Bottom account waterproof coefficient: 2000mm(inclusive)-3000mm(inclusive)

Pole: glass fiber

Base material: Oxford cloth

Inside account: 210T polyester gingham

External charge: 210T polyester gingham

Color: dark green

Applicable number: double

Major downstream platforms: wish, amazon, aliexpress, independent,LAZADA,ebay

Main sales areas: northeast Asia, southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America