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Adult Urinary Device With Tube For Elderly Urinal Male

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Product Information:

1. Practical urinal: The urinal is a portable urinal with a long tube removed, suitable for both men and women.
2. Large capacity: The capacity of the urinal bottle is 2000ml.
3. Long tube: The length of the tube is about 1.3 m (51.2 inches)/1.6 m (62.9 inches), which can be used directly on a bed or a wheelchair, and the tube diameter exceeds 20mm (0.78 inches).
4. Convenient to carry: The urinal is light and portable, strong and durable, and is equipped with a deodorant cover to isolate peculiar smells.
5. Easy to clean: The urinal body is made of smooth surface material, which is easy to clean, and it is extremely safe and convenient to use, just use hot water and detergent.
Capacity: 2000mL
Color: White
Hose length: 1.3 m / 51.18, 1.6 m / 62.99 in
Weight: 250g / 280g
Main body material: PE (polyethylene)
Dimensions (height x width x depth): about .120X100X200MM
Applicable to: patient care, incontinence care people

Packing List:

Urinal bottle*1