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Curved Stick Point Massage Deep Muscle Release Ball

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Product information:

Adsorbable fascia ball: 7cm in diameter and 8cm in height

Size: double ball: 12.5cm, single ball: 6.2cm

Material: TPE solid hard ball
Applicable scenario: running, fitness equipment
Specifications: adsorption type - fascia ball - girl powder (color box), adsorption type - fascia ball - azure green (color box), single ball green, single ball rose red, single ball orange, single ball black, single ball blue, single ball purple, double ball (peanut type) green, double ball (peanut type) rose red, double ball (peanut type) orange, double ball (peanut type) black, double ball (peanut type) blue, double ball (peanut type) purple

Packing list:

Massage ball x1